To be published:
in French : 
Les premiers rabbins de la France, XIe-XIIe siècle, Avraham Grossman, à paraître dans la Collection de la Revue des études juives

in Hebrew 
הדבש (The Honey), Slobodan Despot, Tamir Sendik Books

Published :  

Le Journal de Ben Gourion 1947-1948
, Les Secrets de la création de l'Etat d'Israel
éditions de La Martinière, 2012, Tuvia Friing et Denis Peshanski (ed.), 621 pages

Les arbres sont-ils en fleurs chez vous ?, Menahem Mayer & Frederick Raymes, éditions avant-propos 2012, 382 p.


Examples of simultaneous interpreting work I have handled:
  • Fire protection in tunnels
  • Yom Hazikaron Ceremony
  • Passive fire protection
  • Mayors International Conference
  • Port Security
  • Improving interpersonal relations in companies
  • World conference for heads of community centers
  • Jewish Agency Congress
  • Wizo Congress
  • Speech (consecutive translation)

A partial list of my work:
Note: titles are shown in English with a note of the language pair in question

   Commercial and Juridical Documents
  •  VLG. France 
  • HomeCenter
  • Bank Hapoalim
  • Tal & Hadas SRL, for: Renault
  • Yoel Guilat, modules
  • ODICE, passive fire protection society
  • Public Relations Departement, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Romain Gary Jerusalem French Cultural Center
  • Jerusalem Fondation
  • Yad Vashem
  • Inbal Theater
  • Cameri Theater, Dramaturgy  Institute
  • Beit Lessing Theater 
  • Atrisense 
  • Raanana Municipality
  • Rabbi Yaacob Abehssera Yeshiva and Kolel
  • Items for the Alsatian site
  • Mimizrach Shemesh", The Center for Jewish Social Leadership, founded in the year 2000 by Avi Chai in Israel. as part of Alliance Israelite Universelle
  • Teldar

  • "The Bear Witness", Holocaust Remembrance at Yad Vashem (French) 
  • Modern Hebrew Literature published in French, 1880-2008, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature (French)
Scientific articles and academic publications 
  •    5 articles (Ruth Gavison, Haim Gans, Mustafa Kabha, Zeev Rosenhek, Kobi Oz) for Les Temps Modernes 2008-2009, special edition about Israel (from Hebrew into French) 
  •  Benjamin Gross, "Master and disciple" and other articles published in: Un monde inachevé: pour une liberté responsable; Paris, A. Michel 2007 (from French into Hebrew)
  •    Dina Porat, "Al-domi" – Intellectuals in the Land of Israel faced with the Shoah, 1943-1945, Shoah History Review, Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation (from Hebrew into French)
  •     Laurent Kern The problems of advanced development among dogs (from French into Hebrew)
  •     Nurith Yaari , Israeli Theater between Athens and Jerusalem, lecture given at a convention in Paris, Paris, April 27-28, 2007 (from Hebrew into French)
  •     Lena Arava-Novotna, Research issues in the history of the Jews of Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989 (from French into Hebrew)
Studies and books 
  •    Nurith Yaari, The Theater of Hanoch Levin, éditions Théâtrales 2008 (from Hebrew into French)
  •    Avner Ben-Amos, State education in Israel, éditions CNRS, 2010 (from Hebrew and English into French)
  •  Elie Kahn, The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe and other Talmudic Tales... (from French into Hebrew)  
  •    Tuvia Friling (ed.), Critique of Post-Zionism"New Historians”, éditions In-Press, 2004, 600 p. (from Hebrew into French)
  •     Bella Guterman (ed.), The Passover Haggadah of the Gurs campHistory of an Internment Camp, Yad Vashem, 2003, 147 p. (from Hebrew into French)
  •    Elie Benamozegh, Israel and Humanity, Eliahou Zini (ed.), Technion, Haïfa (from the manuscript) about 2,000 p. (from French into Hebrew)
  •    Sundry articles in Humanities, Social Sciences, Judaism, Art, Theater (from Hebrew into French and from French into Hebrew)
  Theses and dissertations 
  •  Research project by Nurith Yaari, "The echo of the tradition of Ancient Greek theater in contemporary French theater" (from Hebrew into French)
  •  "Support for gifted children in Israel", thesis written under the guidance of Prof. Guidon Kotz, Université Paris 8, Department of Hebrew Studies (from Hebrew into French)
  •  Research project to obtain a postgraduate diploma, Relations between Israel and Europe, 1967-1973 The Formative Years, submitted in the Department of Jewish Languages, Literature and Civilisation at Université Paris 8 (from Hebrew into French)
  •  Development of collective memory among Israeli school students through scholastic programs and history books (from French into Hebrew)
  •  Analysis of video clips from individual election campaigns, thesis presented at the Université Paris 8, Department of Hebrew Studies (from Hebrew into French) 
Newspaper articles 
 Scenarios / Synopses 
  •  Synopsis of documentary films presented at "Docushuk", 2007 and 2008 (from Hebrew into French)
    Savyon Liebrecht, I speak Chinese or what (from Hebrew into French).
    David Grossman, Momik ,(from Hebrew into French).
    Hillel Mittelpunkt, Emotion (from Hebrew into French).
    Motti Lerner, Automn (from Hebrew into French).
    Motti Lerner, The Murder of Isaac  (from Hebrew into French)
    Alfred Savoir, The Baptism, (from French into Hebrew)
Ori Egoz, From Crystal to Smoke, an adaptation from a play of Jacques Attali (from Hebrew into French).

  • Savyon Liebrecht, A Good Place for the Night, "Kibbutz", "Tel Aviv" , "Jerusalem", Buchet-Chastel ed., 2008 (from Hebrew into French).
  •  Jean Daniel, The stranger who resembles me, Jerusalem, Carmel, 293 pp. (from French into Hebrew) 
  • Menachem Mayer and Frederick Raymes, Are the Trees in Bloom Over There?, Yad Vashem, 260 pp. (from Hebrew and English into French)
  •   Lena Arava-Novotna (ed.), Writing in the shadow of Kafka, Short Stories from Czech Jewish authors, Elkana, 2006, 327 pp. (from Czech into French, with Lena Arava-Novotna)
  • Nathan Zach, Ghost in the writing desk (novel) (from Hebrew into French)
  • Haim Beer, "Three comments on the biblical depth of Agnon’s texts", Persepectives; 2006 (from Hebrew into French)
  • Michal Govrin, poetic texts in: Frédéric Brenner, Diasporas, éditions de La Martinière, 2003 (from Hebrew into French)
  • Elfrid Bergmann, “Friend for life” in: The time you do not forget, Lezikaron (from French into Hebrew)
  • Yona Even, There are Jerusalem (from Hebrew into French) 
  • Michal Govrin, Ancestors  (from Hebrew into French)
  • Vicky Shiran, Poems, 2004, (from Hebrew into French) 
  • Léopold Senghor, Aimé Césaire, D.T. Niana etc., Poems (from French into Hebrew)
  • Agi Mishol, "Raya(from Hebrew into French)     

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